Living Boldly… is more than jumping out of an airplane or scaling a mountain…Living Boldly is about taking responsibility for your own happiness, your own health and well being.  That means making choices, changing, growing, doing your daily stuff in a different way.  It’s about being conscious of how you feel, what you are thinking, the words you are using, what you are eating, how you are moving. Here you will find several self help tools and techniques to empower you to reach your extraordinary potential.  Are you ready to be happy and healthy…choose to LIVE BOLDLY!


Your thoughts are very powerful and they have the capacity to determine how you live your life. Hypnosis taps into your subconscious mind to send positive suggestions based on your unique needs and the outcome you are seeking.



Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple technique which can be expressed as “emotional acupuncture”. EFT tapping combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results.


Energy Clearing & Balancing

Energy is your body’s life force. Energy can be seen and felt, but is typically invisible to most individuals. Your body is composed of your physical energy (which is a condensed, intense concentration of energy) and your invisible energy body.


Spiritual Mentor

Some of us desire to explore the deepest questions of our lives, questions about God, Spirit, The Universe, Infinite Intelligence, meaning, purpose and calling.  It is not therapy you desire or someone to tell you what is just and what isn’t, but something bigger than that.


"Tell A New Story" Board

The human body is made up of energy and is in fact surrounded and interpenetrated by a human energy field.  If the human energy field is healthy, balanced, clear, and charged, it supports optimal health and well-being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


Devoted to

Mastery of the Self

To create vibrant health, we must take responsibility and consciously reprogram our mind by choosing positive thoughts, words, and actions. We must also let go of negative, or non supportive conscious or subconscious beliefs. The path to achieve such a mastery of our mind and body has been called “enlightenment”, and is a natural progression of our ability to control some of our thoughts.

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